Now with Driver Mode!

In addition to being able to track your entire game, golfers can now choose to track just their driving statistics such as average driving distance, longest drive, and fairways hit!

Here’s How It Works... 

First and foremost, the Swami GT works as a traditional GPS to provide you instant, accurate distance for each and every shot. But thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, it can do so much more.

Tracker Tags are inserted into the end of each of your clubs. These tracker tags work together with the GPS technology to transmit and track data from every shot during every round on your Swami GT – without any manual inputting.

In turn, this critical data is displayed to provide the information you need for continuous game improvement – shot after shot.

swami gt 1
swami gt 2

Then, simply log in to your Swami GT account and instantly see how you did. All stats of your game are recorded, calculated and displayed. Most of the statistical information is viewable on the device itself as well.

The Swami GT will...

swami gt 3

The Swami GT – delivering the knowledge you need to give your game the edge!

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